We are a team of professionals with decades of experience in various industries, coming together with one common passion: to provide engaging, meaningful and powerful experiences in the development and betterment of each individual for a better world. 

The Founder, Alphonse Peter, with his experience as a high performing agent, managing a successful agency, his education and research in human psychology, left the successful insurance business and started AL Solutions in 1990 - a corporate training and consulting company. 

In recent years, the company has expanded to AL Trainings Sdn Bhd in Malaysia and AL Solutions Consultancy Pte Ltd in Singapore. We now have over 25 years of experience training and consulting local and multi-national companies in a diverse variety of industries from banking and insurance to manufacturing and retail. We specialise in Leadership, Management, Team Building, Sales, Service and other customised topics. We also do business consulting projects on transformation, mergers, Vision & Values settings, etc.

Our panel representatives are available in Australia, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Philippines and the United States of America.

Training Team

Alphonse Peter
Consultant / Facilitator

Irwan Ab. Karim
Consultant / Facilitator

Dayan Selvarajah
Consultant / Facilitator


Chuah Keat Choong
Consultant / Facilitator


Support Team & Panel Consultants

Jade Chow

Jacen Lee
Material Development

Samantha Erica Ng
Business Development Executive

Douglas Loh
Training Support Specialist

Dena Alexandra
Research & Development


Gerald Lim
Panel Consultant / Facilitator (SG)

Eugene Tan
Panel Consultant / Facilitator (SG)

Cindy Tse
Panel Consultant / Facilitator (HK)

Liza Yahya
Panel Consultant / Facilitator (AU)

Yudha Ariefullah
Panel Consultant / Facilitator (IN)