Alphonse Peter



Having survived a very difficult childhood, he explored an education in Psychology at the University of Texas at Austin, to understand himself, his life and his direction.

This education, key books, his mentors and his personal values have evolved him into a positive, simple and motivated individual, always looking to have a good impact to the world around him.

He started The AL Group, a simple group of companies in Consulting, Training, Research and Food. He believes in keeping a low profile, getting engaged for talks and trainings purely by word of mouth.

He has been providing key note speeches, customised training and business consulting over the last 20 years in Malaysia, Singapore and few other parts of the world.



AL is fun, engaging and down-to-earth presenter. He will have his audience involved, laughing and learning in the session. His ability to reach out to them, both the younger generation and the more experienced, gets everyone onboard. 

His ideas are simple, practical and can easily be taken back for application. He relies on examples, anecdotes, real life stories, his experiences and his famous ‘One Liners’ to capture the attention of the audience and get them personally involved.

His own personal ‘One Liner’ is “LIVE TO MAKE AN IMPACT”

With over 20 years of experience in designing workshops and facilitating them, he brings a sense of reality into his material. A session with AL leaves his participants inspired, knowing what they want to do and motivated to take action.

Watch out.... They will want him back.

Irwan Ab. Karim


Hailing from Melaka, he has specialised in the Hospitality Industry for more than 15 years. He specialised in customer service, training and human resources.

He believes in ensuring the learning is transferred in a clear, concise and fun way. He is passionate about helping people reach their highest potential and discovering their best self.

He is an enthusiastic, self motivated individual who always strives to achieve a very high standard in whatever is undertaken and believer of continuous improvement performance.



Irwan is a soft-skill trainer with a very strong hospitality background. His years in various hotels have given him a variety of knowledge and experience which he brings into the delivery of his key messages with easy understanding and practical application.

He connects well with his participants and builds a good relationship with them.  His down to earth approach, helps him to easily get the buy-in from the participants and establish rapport.

His background in customer services, hospitality and human resources enables him to draw from a variety of professional work experiences. 

With his focus on “Bringing out the Best in You !”, you know that he will give his all to take the participant to the next level in their Attitudes, Behaviours and overall performance.

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Dayan Selvarajah


Born and bred in the heart of Petaling Jaya, Dayan is a trainer who enjoys learning as well as makes learning fun for his participants through various learning methods. He specializes in developing new managers as well as sales and service people in the Banking & Financial Services industry.

A passionate and self motivated trainer, Dayan is able to face day to day issues that you face as he is a people person who is concerned about how to help manage and improve individual and group sessions.



Dayan Selvarajah has 15 years of experience in the Learning & Development field, specifically developing people in the area of Sales and Leadership within the Banking and Financial Services industry. 

He has spent 10 years of his career in Citibank where he was responsible for driving the performance of the sales people as well as developing newly promoted people mangers and enhancing the skills of existing people managers. Dayan has also developed and delivered training programs for companies like in other industries whilst he was a Training Consultant for 2 years. 

Dayan was also ranked the 2nd trainer within the Asia Pacific Region for Citibank with the highest number of Leadership programs facilitated for 2013 & 2014.  

A trainer who makes learning fun and has fun learning, Dayan is able to face day to day issues that you face as he is a people person who is concerned about how to help manage and improve individual and group sessions.

Chuah Keat Choong


Chuah is a Penangite who has been residing in KL for last 20 years. He worked in Citibank Consumer banking for 25 years before embarking on a career as a professional trainer. He specializes in emotional intelligence, service, leadership, anti-money laundering (AMLA) and customer due diligence.

He is self-motivated, engaging and funny. He believes learning must be fun in order to bring out the best of each participants.



With 25 years of background in consumer banking, Chuah has seen it all. From working in banking operation, middle office and frontline sales, he has dealt with all walks of life. He loves engaging people and his continuous search of better understanding them creates a very entertaining environment during his training. 

Focusing on using Emotional Intelligence in every opportunity, Chuah creates a very open and lively discussion in every session that he conduct. A firm believer in sharing stories and experiences, his main focus is to make each participant realize their own strengths and challenges. 

Chuah believes in having a positive mentality, no matter what the circumstances are. 

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Yudha F. Ariefullah



Yudha grew up in Malang, a small town in East Java Indonesia. His view of the world was changed when he spent a year in Auckland, New Zealand on an AFS student exchange program. There, he had the opportunity to experience new cultures and people that inspired his passion to help society.

His professional journey started back in 1994, he earned his BBA majoring in finance from Wichita State University, Wichita, KS. Later in 2011, he continued his studies and earned his MBA in Human Resources from Oklahoma Christian University, USA to further understand the different ways of bringing out the best in people.

His career as a facilitator, consultant, and now as a lecturer,  has allowed him to continue the pursuit of his passion by helping people advance in their careers by seizing opportunities and coaching them.

He believes, in order to impact the world, it begins by changing a person at a time starting with himself. Keeping this special belief,   he follows a special quote:

“Strive to always learn new things, to better yourself to help even just a person a day”



Yudha facilitates every session in a easy and fun way to promote a positive learning environment. He guides participants to share their opinions and encourages them to value differences.

“Change is a part of life and in careers”, by embracing this thought, change management is the key to moulding a strong organisation. By cultivating sharing sessions, he creates a chance for participants to relate to each other and learn new experiences.